We’ll provide links to important events within our 8th District area.  County Parties, Republican Clubs, and other Conservative groups should contact our Communications Committee with brief comments / flyers of upcoming events.

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Mon / Thurs, Aug 24-27: Republican National Convention at the Spectrum Center, Charlotte, NC (The Latest Update from RNC)

TBD Re-scheduled later: Michigan 8th Dist. Annual Pancakes & Politics Breakfast on a Saturday (9am-noon) later in the year. Thanks for everyone’s patience in these trying times.

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Keep in touch with your MI 8th District Leadership and your local County Republican leadership, clubs, and conservative groups in your area.  You’re involvement and active participation can/will make all the difference in the 20/20 elections.  8th District Chair, Norm Shinkle   (517) 655-5992

“A Gathering of the 8th Dist. Oakland County Republicans”
A special meeting was held on Tue. evening (11/19/19) to vote & fill the void left behind by the recent passing of Rochester Delegate Teresa Stayer.
“All 8th Oakland delegates were invited but only those sitting on the OCRP Executive Committee could vote per our bylaws. We had a great assemblage including 2020 8th Congressional candidates Paul Junge, Kristina Lyke, Nikki Snyder and a Mike Detmer representative on hand to introduce themselves and answer questions. Oakland 8th was well represented by some of the hardest working Republicans in the area which showed in the tie votes. It took 3 votes to end up with a replacement. In the end, it was rather fitting that a familiar delegate from the Rochester area, Jim Tokarski became the newest member of the 8th CDRC. We welcome Jim and express many thanks to Ron, Ross, and Don for showing an interest to serve on our committee. We hope to continue seeing you all at future meetings. You bring so much to the table. “Also in attendance was a growing contingent of Asian Americans brought to the meeting by Grace Norris, who are speaking out about the growing threat of socialism & communism within the Democrat presidential field.  Many had lived in China and other Asian countries and spoke with 1st hand experiences regarding this real threat looming in the 2020 elections. It was enlightening to hear their stories.”
Respectively Submitted,
Mari-Ann Henry, 8th District Vice Chair